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If you’ve been assigned a dataset for work, school, a competition, or come across data for personal projects, that first moment when Pandas reads the data for the first time is as exciting as it is overwhelming. Perhaps one of the things that’s creating this cacophony of emotions is the first glance of your variables. While all the columns probably exist for good reason, they can be otherwise redundant. For machine learning models, this can present challenges in feature selection. …

As I’m starting to work on my second project for the course, I can’t help but feel nostalgic for the simplicity of my last project. We did our first major descriptive analyses on movie data and were asked to make recommendations for a large company that wanted to start making movies. I love films (I feel like everyone says that), so it was exciting to blend familiar interests with newly acquired Python skills. I’m hoping this can be a helpful guide for anyone starting off with their first descriptive analyses.

The main goal of this project was quite open-ended: to…

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Well, I’m here. I’m a student at the Flatiron School in their Online Data Science program. I am finishing Phase 1 of the curriculum. In all honesty, between you and me, this was not my plan. But actually, I’m okay with that! Living in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, especially in New York, has presented a substantial detour from my original career path. I am a musician and before the pandemic, I was in a group about to record its second album. Prior to devoting to a career in the performing arts, I was finishing my masters degree in…

Jeremy Pagirsky

Data Science student at the Flatiron School

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